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Our partner in Program Design, Artist Placement, Digital Projects

With over 40 years of experience AEP’s team has produced and promoted concerts, tours, and events for a diverse range of clients including: Sting, The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, The United Nations, Vangelis, Royal Family of Qatar, Mattel, Placido Domingo, Cecilia Bartoli, Anna Netrebko, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Video Games Live, Sergio Mendes, and many more.


Artists I admire, with whom I have made music, whom we highly recommend and & or with whose agents we work !


Companies & ensembles with whom we work and who have a great interest in cultural exchange

Odradek Records

Odradek Records

By far the most innovative and successful new record label in Europe consisting of Odradek Records, of GhostLabel.net, the white-label marketing and distribution service, and the the democratic blind evaluation platform ANONYMUZE.com.

vist.co The Visual Storytelling Company

is a creative marketing and project management agency for classical music and related fields: manages strategic planning and promotion while creating stunning visuals for artists, ensembles, dance companies, orchestras, concert halls, theatres, opera houses, and festivals.

Outstanding Start-up Stars

Companies & ensembles that are innovative and have high-quality offers and a great interest in cultural exchange.

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall

"An online star is born: Melbourne Digital Concert Hall " (blog -the nbn project, 2021) A great initiative and a brilliant success of the founders Adele Schonhardt and Chris Howlett.

Bach Akademie Australia

The new and very special baroque ensemble with a broad spectrum and great perspective. Founder Madeleine Easton promotes important programs and new concepts with idealism, in-depth knowledge and inexhaustible energy.

More Friends & Partner

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Munich Radio Orchestra

Experimental and inventive orchestra

Munich Radio Orchestra

Founded in 1952, they can look back on a history of nearly 70 years during which it has evolved into an ensemble with a vast artistic range and a versatility that ensures its place in Munich’s orchestral landscape. (MRO-BR, 2021)

HERE: Archive – Excerpt from the archive of one of the absolutely most productive recording orchestras in Germany


Bow & Violin Making

Irina Feichtl & Nicholas Gooch

Irina and Nicholas

While the violin maker Nicholas Gooch has many years of experience in new making and restoration of stringed instruments, Irina Feichtl has concentrated the past years in the field of bow making and restoration.

Here you will find professionalism, thorough advice and above all enthusiasm towards every aspect of work, (muenchen-geigenbau.de 2021)



Die Schulterstütze - die unterstützt

Katharina Reitstaller

“After many years in my profession I suffered from the usual problems, the left hand started to ache and on the right hand I developed a so-called folding thumb. I noticed that my colleagues, often already at a young age, complained of massive problems, from herniated discs to tennis elbows. The question I asked myself was, why did the generation that was still playing without support not have these same problems?”

Whom we support

Firmen Logos Collage 1

We are proud to support a number of Australian organisations that have an exceptional track record in delivering their important work and message to the people.

SuonaVoce® International
German Australian Cultural Exchange Bureau
& Artistic Consultancy

SVI is helping and supporting

We answer questions and develop partnerships with German cultural institutions and organisations. Same goes for industry partnerships with cultural exchange goals. Please push the [Contact Me] button and fill in the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as the site is online.

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