“Connecting Countries and Continents through Culture”

Would you like to bring your artists to Germany or to one of the neighbouring countries? We know the ways, the contacts, the right agencies, put you in touch and advise you.

We also want to use cultural exchange as a platform for interested companies to generate more attention and added value for your offerings.


SuonaVoce® International

for companies, enterprises and industries seeking a suitable cultural exchange between Germany and Australia & New Zealand.

who want to enter a new and appropriate cooperation with the economy. Maybe they could meet in mutual interest and get a joint concert and product marketing tour through Germany and Europe initiated?

E.g. by doing marketing both with Australian indigenous and classical music in Germany to promote products and services. Politicians in both countries will also be invited to actively participate in this cultural exchange. 

Not only the companies but also the artists and ensembles as well as the people in both countries should benefit.

. . . and will establish the necessary connections with potential partners in Germany (and beyond) who have already expressed their interest in co-operating in this initiative on cultural exchanges and business agreements.

. . . and then, you will either have an appropriate concept and suitable partners suggested, or we will contact you as soon as a counterpart comes forward and interesting enquiries have been received.  Apart from the contact form, there are no further registrations or entries on our site for security reasons vis-à-vis our customers. We do this the traditional way on paper and only if you give your consent.

What we do

Are you a school or university?

. . . and considering entering into partnerships on the other continent through new forms of cooperation?
We are interested in applications and bring you in touch with the suitable partners.

Get in touch with us!

Are you a company . . .

. . . that wants to open up new markets and is looking for suitable solutions through cultural exchange?
We can advise you and look for suitable partners and suitable offers.

Please contact us!

You have an ensemble . . .

. . . or you are an artist and would like to tour Germany.
We can support you in the development of suitable cultural offers. We can select companies we know or we can search for you.

Register with us!

You are a government . . .

. . . representative or a politician who wants to read support for cultural exchange?
We can help with contacts, mediation and advice.

Write to us!

Are you an agency . . .

. . . or a promoter looking for suitable program ideas to present Australia in Germany or vice versa?
Or are you wondering who the right partner is on the other side?

Get in touch with us!

Are you a personality . . .

. . . who would like to offer support for our cause and sponsor our customers?
We know who you are looking for.

Give it a try!

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Business Quality Policy

SuonaVoce® International was founded in 2018 as an initiative for a better cultural exchange with Australia. We are based in Munich, Germany, but work in Australia as well. We want to combine business and culture more effectively and thus promote both in international interchange.

Quality and reliability of our work have the highest priority, for we value and respect our customers. We strive to provide ideas, plans and services that meet the highest expectations.

Our key to solutions in an ever faster changing world is our commitment to continuous training and improvement of our consulting services according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards.



I am Ralf Klepper, a professional musician, orchestra spokesman, board member of the Munich Radio Orchestra and  artistic consultant in Munich. (Bavaria, Germany). Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in the orchestra itself and in management and organization. 

With my SuonaVoce® initiative, I am committed to promoting and facilitating the exchange of culture and music between Australia and Germany. New Zealand is also an important cultural destination for us.

In addition to classical music and cross-over events, there are also indigenous culture of New Zealand, Australia and the ancient culture of Europe main elements of our work and we aim to combine and promote them.


We also advise companies and governmental organizations, as well as educational institutions on how to come together through cultural cooperation.

Beatrice Bergmann is Adviser for educational projects. She is a trained singer and has an academic degree in Elementary Music Pedagogy and a second one in Early Childhood Education.

We are interested in partners and collaborators in Australia. Would you like to join us? Just write a short message here.

Our mission & vision statements are here.

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Founder & Managing Direction

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Educational Projects Advisor

Cooperators & Partners

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Know Who We Are

About our company

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A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve desired ends. You have ideas, goals, and dreams? We have a culturally diverse, forward-thinking team working to make it happen.

We look forward to hearing from you

SuonaVoce® International Cultural Exchange Consultancy Bureau
Music & Art goes Green Energy & Digital Economy

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Table of Contents

SuonaVoce® International
Cultural Exchange Bureau & Artistic Consultancy

What We Do

Join us and support this new initiative with everything you can contribute!

We have absolutely experienced and professional partners that we refer and who work for us.

It is a long but very promising road that we want to travel together with you!


  • We design customised offers for advertising and marketing through German – Australian cultural exchange.
  • Classical music can go together with Indigenous music and draw attention to your services or products in the best and way.
  • modern and sustainable Australian Industries would get opportunities in Germany
  • Australia’s image as a fantastic country with modern digital, space and green energy industries, boasting a unique culture from ancient times to the dreams of the future!
  • We look for the best ways for you and your project to bring you to Germany or German partners to Australia.
  • Distances and time gap make no difference to us.
  • Your presentation should only be staged with the very best artists and musicians at the highest level.
  • Your investment should receive maximum ROI.
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You have questions? We provide the answers. Some examples:
  • What are the COVID-19 restrictions and regulations in Australia and Germany?
  • Where can funding come from and who gets what ROI?
  • Who are the experts who guarantee successful organisation and implementation?
  • Who takes care of cohesion, control and fast and efficient adaptation to new developments?

We look forward to hearing from you

SuonaVoce® International Cultural Exchange Bureau & Artistic Consultancy
Music & Art goes Green Energy & Digital Economy
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