Founded in 2018

Munich, Germany

Connecting Countries and Continents through Culture

SuonaVoce ® International Cultural Exchange Consultancy Bureau
Designed and dedicated to create offers for Companies to incite them in promoting the cultural exchange especially in the field of classical music with cultural exchange between Germany and Australia in particular and also New Zealand and in Europe in general.
Idea and objective


Approach and strategy


SuonaVoce was born from a project idea to bring young musicians on stage. Thereafter, various stages of development and a series of adaptations took place until it became SuonaVoce ® International, Cultural Exchange Consultancy Bureau.

This initiative serves to promote German-Australian exchange, especially in the field of classical music. New Zealand and Europe as a whole are also part of our work. By creating appropriate marketing products as an offer for industry and commerce, companies are encouraged to promote cultural exchange through the pursuit of their own economic interests.

The Cultural Exchange Bureau is a “hub” between agents, organisers, cultural representatives, managers and decision-makers on both sides. We gather information, news and insider knowledge and expand our extensive network. Advice, mediation and, above all, our own initiatives for programmes, events and marketing offers for industry and trade, orchestras, universities and individuals form the core of our strategy.

If you are interested: please contact us! We are looking for partners and supporters, both in Germany/Europe and in Australia and New Zealand! Companies, cultural organisations, agencies, event organisers or private individuals – any useful contribution is most welcome!

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"We still mainly finance ourselves from our day jobs. We invest time and money, knowledge and work in an very idealistic way. However, cultural exchange in COVID-19 times of crisis still requires very special initiatives. We do that with full energy and will continue to do so."
Ralf Klepper
Munich, Germany - Founder and Managing Director
"I have gotten to work with Ralf in several occasions and from the beginning, his warmth, openness and willingness to collaborate on any kind of musical aspects, from a professional level but most importantly, from a human level, has made my time working with him the most enjoyable. . . and that's something that you get by making music with Ralf."
Ramón tebar
CHIEF -Conductor - Opera Valencia & Opera Naples
"I would like to endorse Ralf Kepper’s original and exciting concept of an International Cultural Exchange Bureau 'SuonaVoce' as a means of fostering constructive artistic exchange between musicians and composers in Germany and Australia. It promises to provide an avenue for many musicians to share their musical gifts and enrich the cultural life of both countries."
Margaret brandman
australian composer
"Ralf is to be applauded for this wonderful initiative. So many Australians are eager to know more about and visit Germany. I know this from my recent time as Head of Opera at the Queensland Conservatorium. The possibilities for Cultural Exchanges are many, and his knowledge, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial skill, will surely reap many benefits, for students of both countries. Beyond that, he has the drive and talent to foster other, wider artistic relationships between the 2 countries. "
Nicholas Cleobury
Conductor and University teacher - brisbane - united kingdom

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