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Designed and created 2018
Business registered 2020

Munich, germany

Connecting Countries and Continents through Culture

SuonaVoce ® International Cultural Exchange Consultancy Bureau
Designed and dedicated to create offers for Companies to incite them in promoting the cultural exchange especially in the field of classical music with cultural exchange between Germany and Australia in particular and also New Zealand and in Europe in general.
Idea and objective


Approach and strategy


SuonaVoce was born from a project idea to bring young musicians on stage. Thereafter, various stages of development and a series of adaptations took place until it became SuonaVoce ® International, Cultural Exchange Consultancy Bureau.

This initiative serves to promote German-Australian exchange, especially in the field of classical music. New Zealand and Europe as a whole are also part of our work. By creating appropriate marketing products as an offer for industry and commerce, companies are encouraged to promote cultural exchange through the pursuit of their own economic interests and to implement a model of Cultural Corporate Partnership into their strategy.

The Cultural Exchange Bureau is a “hub” between agents, organisers, cultural representatives, managers and modern and innovative industries on both continents. We gather information, news and insider knowledge and expand our extensive network. Advice, mediation and, above all, our own initiatives for programmes, events and marketing offers for industry and trade, orchestras, universities and individuals form the core of our strategy. If you are interested: please contact us! We are looking for partners and supporters, both in Germany/Europe and in Australia and New Zealand! Companies, cultural organisations, agencies, event organisers or private individuals are very welcome!

Ralf Klepper

– Graduate musician and state-certified music teacher – Munich University of Theater and Music.
– Violinist in the Munich Radio Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio Corporation for 35 years.
– For more than 20 years orchestra board member and negotiation leader for the preservation of the radio orchestra 2004 – 2006.
– MBA Certificate International Management from the Business Schools in Kempten/Germany and Queensland University of Technology.
– Member of the German Australian Business Council e.V.
– Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
– Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts

Consulting with Enoch zu Guttenberg
Study at QUT in Brisbane 2018
With Australian Ambassador HE Ph. Green and Member of German Parliament The Bundestag Volkmar Klein 2021
With HE Mathias Cormann, OECD General Secretary in 2019
Award of the Certificate of Friendship of the City of Brisbaneby Lord Mayor Graham Quirk 2018
Aboriginal Art
Sydney Opera
In the Golden Hall of the Friends of Music in Vienna
Elbphilharmony Hamburg



"Our funding still comes mainly from our permanent positions. Idealism is the drive and our investment is passion for the cause, a lot of time, money, knowledge and work in a highly professional way. The goal is, for our world and its future and future generations, to reach as many people as possible with the primal need for culture and bring them along to the upheavals and changes that are necessarily coming now. The cultural exchange in COVID-19 times of crisis also requires very special initiatives. We do this with full energy and will continue to do so."
Ralf Klepper
Munich, Germany - Founder and Managing Director

"I have gotten to work with Ralf in several occasions and from the beginning, his warmth, openness and willingness to collaborate on any kind of musical aspects, from a professional level but most importantly, from a human level, has made my time working with him the most enjoyable. . . and that's something that you get by making music with Ralf."
Ramón tebar
CHIEF -Conductor - Opera Valencia & Opera Naples
"I would like to endorse Ralf Kepper’s original and exciting concept of an International Cultural Exchange Bureau 'SuonaVoce' as a means of fostering constructive artistic exchange between musicians and composers in Germany and Australia. It promises to provide an avenue for many musicians to share their musical gifts and enrich the cultural life of both countries."
Margaret brandman
australian composer
"Ralf is to be applauded for this wonderful initiative. So many Australians are eager to know more about and visit Germany. I know this from my recent time as Head of Opera at the Queensland Conservatorium. The possibilities for Cultural Exchanges are many, and his knowledge, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial skill, will surely reap many benefits, for students of both countries. Beyond that, he has the drive and talent to foster other, wider artistic relationships between the 2 countries. "
Nicholas Cleobury
Conductor and University teacher - brisbane - united kingdom

We believe in Change! We believe that business and industry, as well as politics, are made by humans for humans and should always remain human. We believe that this goal can only be achieved with human interaction that brings joy and fulfillment, peace and understanding.

Our Mission

To bring together people in business, politics and society between Australia, Germany and New Zealand through culture and music. Appreciation for ethnic and cultural treasures of these countries should be the basis for new encounters.

In order to achieve our goals, it is our task to actively approach all our employees with a lot of persuasiveness and motivation and take them with us on the mission.

Our Vision

We believe that culture and music is the only international collective language that can achieve this goal for all communities of humans. Without community, there is no good future for industry and business either. We believe in the necessity to pass this idea on as a role model through education and culture in dealing with each other and as an inheritance for our children, for generations to come. The rapprochement of these three developed countries – Australia, New Zealand and Germany and Europe – should serve as a blueprint to have a positive impact on all parts of our world.

Important Memberships

Fellow of the “Royal Society for Arts

“The RSA has been at the forefront of significant social impact for over 250 years. Providing platforms, opportunities and networks for all those who share our vision to connect, engage, share ideas and expertise.

From our staff, to our Fellowship, to partners and practitioners, we are an inclusive global community of over 30,000 influential and innovative problem solvers seeking ideas and solutions to resolve the challenges of our time. (RSA, 2021)


“The German Australian Business Council e.V. is a non-political business network established to promote relations between Australia and Germany. Aiming to benefit both businesses and individuals, it communicates and catalyses opportunities through business networking and other activities.” (GABC 2019)

Some of the most beneficial opportunities to meet and speak with important personalities included the Ambassadors Dinner 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany with The Hon. Senator Mathias Cormann, former Australian Minister of Finance and current OECD Secretary-General, with new Australian Consul Ms Anna Fedeles in December 2019. Further in 2021 with both Ms Fedels and Australian Ambassador HE Phillip Green.

 What we do
The Australian Institute of Company Directors is committed to strengthening society through world-class [corporate] governance. We aim to be the independent and trusted voice of governance, building the capability of a community of leaders for the benefit of society. Our membership of more than 45,000 includes directors and senior leaders from business, government and the not-for-profit sectors.” (AICD 2019)

You can count on us!

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